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The Key To Email Marketing Success: The ‘And’ (Not ‘Or’) Mentality

Integrated. Holistic. Connected. These words all carry a similar theme. If you use email marketing, they should have a special meaning. That’s because, in today’s world, it’s hard to run a successful business with just one form of digital marketing. Competition from other companies using apps, social media, blogs, email marketing and SEO make it difficult to excel.

Rule NO. 91


While using "save up to" in your subject line may entice readers, it may also negatively impact email deliverability.

3 Gears of a Successful Marketing Program: Looking Beyond Email Click Rates

Don't just focus on email open and click rates. Columnist Jose Cebrian discusses the three areas that make up your marketing program and how to effectively grow your business.

A Quick Guide to Email Marketing for Retailers – Dispelling the Myths

One of the frustrations we have as a team is how many of the myths of email marketing are still regurgitated and are holding email marketers back. Much of this exists within the retail industry, so here are the top ones we would like to dispel.

Rule NO. 72


Avoid using words like "earn" or "luxury" in your subject lines. These words may negatively impact your email deliverability.

3 Surprising Brain Facts Marketers Should Know About Email

There's a lot researchers are learning about consumer psychology and what drives us to make a purchase. Did you know our brains are actually programmed to engage with—or ignore—certain content, especially in email? From mysteriously phrased copy to images of food, danger and sex, there are lots of brain tricks marketers can use to trigger their audience to take action.

Messaging, Expertise, and Value: Marketer Email Tracker 2016

Email has come a long way. Today, it's unusual to find a person in the developed world without an email address but the custodians of email are no longer academics, but marketers. Marketers use email to talk to their customers but are they using the most effective tactics in 2016?

Does Your Data Need a Doctor?

Ok, so we’ve previously spoken about the importance of data and how crucial it is to collect it and use it effectively. However, arguably more important than the amount of data, is the quality of your data. To be of use, data must be current, accurate and relevant. But this is easier said than done.

3 Email Marketing Trends and Tactics You Shouldn't Ignore

The digital marketing landscape has constantly been evolving, and email marketing is no exception. Keeping up with the ever-changing trends adds more complexity for modern marketers. But, there are few trends, which you just can’t ignore otherwise you will be left behind. “Why engagement matters more than ever to reach to subscribers inbox.” So, if you’re an email marketer, here are three specific email-marketing trends that you shouldn’t ignore in 2016.

A Handy Guide to Content Marketing for Mobile

A responsive website is not a mobile strategy. There has been a lot of re­cent articles on mobile and more and more of us are getting on-board but how can you, from a people-centric content marketing perspective, optimise your website for mobile? Let’s begin…

Big Data Is Here, Get Used To It

“Data is the foundation of fact based, measurable marketing. It’s here to stay. Those that can put it to work will better understand their customers, and therefore develop more compelling or engaging strategies to communicate with them.” So now you know you need big data, but how exactly do you use it?

Update Your Email Strategy With These 2016 Email Trends

Email is an essential communication tool of the digital age. For marketing professionals, an email list is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Indeed, one of the most important parts of modern advertising and marketing is to create meaningful interactions with customers. Email allows ample opportunity to do so, but only if marketers carefully analyze and optimize their approach to email marketing.

The Anatomy of a Marketing Email That Drives Results

Most writing in email marketing is terrible. Experiencing lame email copy can be educational on what not to do and motivate you to aim higher, if anything. But what are some positive techniques used to craft compelling emails? Here’s one simple but powerful method: AIDA, a time-tested copywriting formula that’s been used in marketing and advertising in all types of media for over a century.

Six Engagement Boosting Elements You Should Add To Your Email Marketing Campaign

As you’re gearing up to launch your next marketing campaign, pay special attention to the smallest of details: they could be your key to success in boosting your click-through rate and retaining your list of subscribers who is eager to receive your content.

Using Data-Driven Insight to Generate Smarter Marketing Results

We live in exciting times: as marketers we have more opportunities than ever before to connect with our customers in a meaningful and engaging way. For many the main challenge is keeping up with the pace of change in a marketplace that is constantly evolving and fragmenting. But while there are challenges, there are also opportunities. And for those who can make sense of this complicated ecosystem, rich rewards are on offer.