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How To Fix Common Email Marketing Mistakes

By 2020, the number of email users is projected to grow to 254.7 million. According to the Data and Marketing Association, 54% of marketers stated that increasing engagements...

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5 email marketing trends to watch in 2018

What's on the horizon for email marketers this year? Columnist Scott Heimes shares his predictions on the email marketing trends that will take shape in 2018.

Is the C-Suite Out of Touch with Email Marketing Performance?

New research suggests this knowledge gap is real.

5 Email Marketing Tips to Try This Week

The difference in email’s reported performance may have something to do with execution.

Three ways AI will revolutionize email marketing

The promise of artificial intelligence has put stars in many marketers' eyes.

Rule NO. 91


While using "save up to" in your subject line may entice readers, it may also negatively impact email deliverability.

Is Email Marketing Performance Improving?

Most marketers say the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns is improving.

MARKETING MATTERS - How can you get more people to open your marketing emails?

It’s been said often that whoever has the best email list wins.

Optimizing Your Email Campaigns, from Welcome to Win Back

Marketers must create a cohesive, valuable customer journey consisting of many different message types.

Rule NO. 121


Unfortunately, "+" signs are not always a positive. Using this symbol in your subject lines could negatively impact delivery.

Email Marketers Are From Mars, Email Consumers Are Not

Forget about what you want, and focus on what your prospects want.

5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Boost Ranking In a Hurry

Loyal subscribers will help you get to the top.

Rule NO. 23


Starting your subject line with a special character like a "#," could negatively impact deliverability.

Don’t Fall for These “Urban Myths” About Email Marketing!

Believing these Urban Myths about email marketing can cause real damage to your email program.

3 Creative Email Campaign Hacks to Boost Your Open Rates

Surprising and delighting customers can make a lasting impression.

Do You Still Believe These Three Urban Myths of Email Marketing?

Here are just three of the many "urban myths of email".

The challenges email marketers face in 2018 and how to overcome them

Suggestions to improve content, integrate with other channels and keep ahead of legal problems.

2017 Worldata Email Marketing Calendar

Get the 2017 B2B and B2C Email Marketing Calendar Today!

Rule NO. 31


Starting your subject line with words like "Urgent" or "Alert" will create a greater sense of urgency.