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3 Email Marketing Tactics You Need Most

There are over 144 billion emails sent each and every day. How do you separate yours from the rest? When it comes to email marketing, there are three key tactics you need to be utilizing to stand out, close the sale, and win the war of attention in the inbox. Keep reading to learn each.

The Changing Face of Email Marketing

The evolution has been happening all this time, and email, as a result, is so much better. Among all those drab, text-based communications, perhaps ornamented with a call-to-action button and a stock image, are emails that don't look--or act--like emails at all.

Email Marketers' Top Areas of Focus in 2016

Email marketers say their top areas of focus this year are automation, measurement, and campaign strategy, according to a recent report from Econsultancy and Adestra.

Beat the Heat this Summer with Smart Subject Lines

The infographic below shares best practices for marketers to beat the heat and keep contacts engaged all summer long. Subject line tips and tricks like emojis, brevity, personalization and segmentation can help cut through the clutter and get messages across to customers. Marketers should be timely, use data, and get creative with content to boost open rates and make this summer an email marketing success.

How Are Datatables Used in Email Marketing?

A data table is an arrangement of information using rows and columns, a bit like an excel spreadsheet. They are used to structure and present detailed information on a specific subject, making it easier to create segments and target customers through dynamic content in your email marketing campaigns.

Figuring out the Data Game

It's a digital world, and pretty much everyone has a digital device on them at all times. Reaching consumers quickly with relevant information is pertinent, and ultimately will make your brand or agency successful if you are able to stay ahead of the curve. Brad Wilson, general manager at Travelocity at Expedia, Inc., talks to iMedia about how the importance of data, though it may be cliche, is still the biggest key to reaching consumers.

Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign This Summer

As Summer is quickly approaching, people will start spending less time indoors; thus, less time spending in front of their desktop or laptop. This means digital marketers will need to make an extra effort to grab readers’ attention. To help prepare for this transition, Campaigner created an infographic that shares tips on how you can boost your email marketing campaign with smart subject lines. Here’s how you can keep your subscribers clicking throughout the summer season.

Top Tips: Is Personalized Advertising the Future of Marketing?

From retargeting to location-based marketing, personalisation in advertising is becoming ever-more sophisticated. Elena Lockett, marketing assistant at FM Outsource looks at four different personalised targeting methods, with advice on how to get the most of your customer data.

What Is the Future of Ads on Instagram Marketing?

The Instagram community is 500 million users strong, and companies big and small are eager to get a share of those eyeballs. For brands, however, the challenge is determining if their Instagram marketing efforts are effective. Are they building a relevant audience? Are they capturing and converting new leads? Driving ROI?

You Had Me At Hello: 5 Tips to Start New Customer Relationships Off Right

There are several tactics email marketers can use to start things off right with their readers. Follow these best practices for onboarding new subscribers to keep customers opted in and reading regularly.

5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

Brands big and small have deployed Facebook Ads. They can come up with an inspirational post to help their fans start their mornings. There are great guides, amazing brand videos and user-generated content that help generate leads and build awareness. Many companies finally have a Facebook strategy in place, and it’s running smoothly. Except for the ROI part.

Better Headlines and Other Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

We all get emails we don’t want. Usually, we purchased a one-time item from a company, maybe a gift for someone, and we don’t intend to make a purchase from that company again. So, when we start getting emails, we delete them, mark them “spam,” or we open one and unsubscribe. You don’t want happening to you, so your email marketing campaign must work “smarter.” Yet, many businesses are getting great ROI from email marketing, and it remains one of the best ways to personally reach out to customers and potential customers. Here are four tactics you must stay on top of.

How to Leverage Content Marketing for Lead Nurturing

Most people think a successful content marketing strategy is one that collects a lot of leads. While that might be the case, if you can create a content marketing strategy that effectively moves leads through your sales funnel, it’s likely more valuable than the longest list of leads. This process of moving leads is known as nurturing, and content plays a huge role in lead nurturing. Here are 10 tips for nurturing leads through content.

7 Ways To Perfect Your Email Newsletter

In an era dominated by cutting-edge platforms like Instagram and SnapChat, email may seem like an archaic digital medium (an oxymoron, to many of us). Yet, thousands of marketers continue to claim that email marketing isn’t just effective—but that it’s the highest-ROI strategy they use. In a recent study I conducted, email marketing came in 5th out of 10 marketing tactics in the survey, in terms of ROI. Still, it’s clear that email marketing is a solid tool in the marketer’s arsenal.

Top Email Marketing Tips: 4 Ways to Keep Your Customers Subscribed to Your Email List

Marketers enjoy blasting their digital newsletters directly to their contacts in order to drive customer engagement and grow brand awareness, but click-happy marketers run the risk of turning an effective medium into one that is seen as spam, therefore disengaging the very people who can benefit from their products or services. It’s not enough to gain subscribers –– bothersome emails can be left unread or frustrate contacts enough to make them unsubscribe –– but keeping them engaged will ensure your company’s growth.