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How To Fix Common Email Marketing Mistakes

By 2020, the number of email users is projected to grow to 254.7 million. According to the Data and Marketing Association, 54% of marketers stated that increasing engagements...

Top Data Hygiene Service Providers

Email-yes, email-is the next great media platform

Email is not only thriving but also spawning a whole new style of publishing.

New Research Shows Marketers Who Focus on Subscriber Engagement Get More Email Delivered to the Inbox

Tactics marketers are employing to improve engagement.

Top 8 A/B testing elements for email marketing campaigns

How it helps marketers understand their target audience.

Rule NO. 12


Including "You" or "Your" in your subject line boosts response rate.

What’s Trending in Email Marketing

How they will influence your campaigns.

Email Marketing: 2018 Developments

2018 produced important email developments.

Email Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2019

Still the top performing marketing channel in terms of ROI, lead generation and content distribution.

The Top Holiday Email Marketing Tips for 2019

Tips to keep in mind when formulating your sending strategies

Rule NO. 2


Using words like "private" or "secret" convey exclusivity and positively impact response rates.

7 common mistakes people make when writing email subject lines

Here are seven subject lines you should never be using.

5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

None of the channels in a digital marketing strategy should exist in a vacuum.

40+ Powerful Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2019

The trends are always changing.

Rule NO. 11


Use the word "new" in your subject line to pique interest

Three Predictions For Email Marketing In 2019

Trends and shifts of the email marketing trade.

Rule NO. 15


Avoid using words in all caps in your subject line.

Using Emoji and Symbols in Your Email Subject Lines

Thanks to emojis, email subject lines are much more expressive.

2019 Worldata Email Marketing Calendar

Get the 2019 B2B and B2C Email Marketing Calendar Today!

Rule NO. 42


Keep your subject line under 35 characters for mobile devices.

Actionable Email Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Results

Advertisements can be flashy, multimedia packages or simple.

14 Email Subject Line Best Practices for your Small Business

Ensure your campaigns get off to a flying start by observing these best practices.

Rule NO. 34


Be sure to avoid spelling errors in your subject line.