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Think Email Marketing Is Dead? You’re Dead Wrong

Current data shows email is still one of the most effective and low-cost ways for small and midsize businesses to reach customers. Here's why.

What's My Open Rate? iOS 15 Tool

Inflated Open Rate from ESP
[after Sept. 20th]


Your percentage of Apple iOS Email Users
[Estimated for most users at 45%]


Based on estimated 87% Apple cached opens applied and 92% adoption rate of Mail Privacy Protection.


10 Reasons to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Your CRM

Microsoft Dynamic 365 makes managing client relationships simple and cheap while still giving you an incredibly high level of service.

LiveChat Integrates with Mailchimp

"There are so many important touchpoints in a customer’s experience with a brand, and support and marketing campaigns are two of the most crucial to get right," said Jamie Boardman, director of partnerships at Mailchimp, in a statement. "We're thrilled to be able to offer mutual customers of Mailchimp and LiveChat more ways to create more personalized, customer-focused experiences in their support chats and in their marketing campaigns with our new integration."

What Is Email Automation And How Does It Fuel Marketing Strategy?

Email automation is a strategy supported by marketing technology software. It enables marketers and brands to send automated emails based on triggers, audience segmentation, pre-configured roles and prospect attributes.

E-Web Marketing Offers Tips On Making Social Media And Google Ads Work Together

E-web Marketing, a Sydney-based results-driven, holistic, digital marketing agency, is sharing tips on how to utilize social media and Google Ads and integrating them together to maximize their effectiveness.

Basics of marketing to the Gen-Z digital consumer

Digital systems have revolutionised much more than businesses and technology. By enabling global interactions and instant dissemination of ideas, this innovation has shaped the ever-changing trajectory of human experience. In the digital age, the foundations of culture and behaviour, notably consumer behaviour, have been disrupted from the traditional form and are constantly evolving.

How testing can give your email marketing a conversions boost

Holistic Email Marketing CEO Kath Pay shares tactics for getting the most from original push channel.”

The power of marketing tech

Put simply, marketing automation technology analyzes customer behavior and sends customized messages crafted to garner the attention of an individual. Personalization and timeliness are the power of behavior-based marketing automation technology, and they’re a major reason insurance brands are leveraging it to set themselves apart. Let’s look at three ways insurance brands are supercharging engagement by using marketing automation.

The Importance of Clean Guest Data

But what exactly is a data cleanse and how does it work? To help answer these questions and more, we’ve put together this article to highlight the most important concepts for both single properties and hotel portfolios alike.

How Walgreens Used AI To Improve Email Engagement Rates

Improving email open and click rates is every marketer’s goal. In this article, Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee, talks about how an AI technology helped Walgreens improve its email open and click rates and vaccination appointment bookings when it mattered the most.

Life after cookies: Retailers test 4 targeting alternatives

Marketers don't waste money suggesting products and services to people who have no interest in them. Given that, a host of companies are racing to develop new targeting options that will help sustain the online ad ecosystem. Retailers are starting to experiment with targeted advertising options beyond the third-party browser cookie, and the alternatives hold promise.

Inbox Monster Releases Deliverability Monitoring Platform

Inbox Monster announces the release of its email deliverability monitoring platform, offering comprehensive insights into the most important email KPIs, unlimited inbox placement and creative rendering reports, and dedicated professional deliverability services.

10 Tips to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Remember, there comes a point, when it doesn’t matter how extensive your email list is, but how many prospects within that list open your emails. If within the same list of 15,000 subscribers, your open rates go up to 50%, you end up with 7500 leads engaging with your pitch.

Conversion Funnel: Stages and Optimization

With every small tweak in conversion funnel optimization, you make more money from your existing traffic. Once your digital properties are established, funnel optimization is often the activity that will get you the most bang for buck. Let’s take a closer look at funnels, funnel metrics, and how to optimize conversion funnels.

CityWest Engagement Rates for Email Marketing Soar 262% Above Industry Benchmarks With Combination of Calix Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp

CityWest is using the combination to create highly targeted, relevant, and engaging email campaigns that boost open rates to 54 percent, 262 percent higher than the industry average of 21 percent.

How to Pick the Right Email Marketing Service for Your Business

Email marketing is a critical component for any business’s marketing strategy. Finding the right email provider can save you valuable time, help you market and represent your business in a professional manner, and result in a bigger bottom line. It pays to do your research, try a few programs, and don’t settle for the marketing product of the moment. Your business is too important.

Stensul integrates its email creation platform with Slack and Teams

Email creative activity, now be directly shareable through major collaborations platforms.

Digital Summit Portland 2021 to Feature 40+ In-depth Sessions About Marketing's Best and Emerging Tactics and Strategies

Taking place on Sept. 21-22, 2021, Digital Summit Portland 2021 will feature national brands and local experts sharing their tips and tricks in email marketing, content management, digital advertising, lead generation, social media, SEO, analytics and more.

Elizabeth Jimney column: Building a website that works for you

More than ever before, small businesses are now connecting with potential customers online. Having an online presence is no longer an option for small businesses. Your online presence is a combination of many things including different social media platforms, a website and email marketing software. These things all work together to accomplish the advertising goals of your business. All marketing efforts you put forth should be goal-oriented, and a website is no exception.

Sendlane Officially Joins Shopify App Store

Sendlane, a leader in email and SMS marketing automation for eCommerce merchants, announced today that it has officially launched on the Shopify App Store. Beginning today, Shopify and Shopify Plus users are able to integrate Sendlane’s unparalleled data-based customer communications tools directly into their eCommerce stacks. Already enjoyed by more than 300 Shopify customers, Sendlane is now available to Shopify’s 1.75 million merchants.

Demand Spring Releases Marketing Automation Platform Insights Report

“This report outlines the feedback and results we gathered from marketing professionals across a variety of industries, and provides insights on the most desired MAP features, usage challenges, and the metrics that are viewed by marketers as the most important.”