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The Top 5: Verification & Hygiene Providers

Latest Email marketing articles

Threads now has its own version of hashtags

Meta's latest feature, dubbed "topic tags," introduces a fresh avenue for users to explore and discover brands.

Digital tools vital in managing likely spike in seasonal activity

Major spikes in website traffic, social media activity and enquiries for new and used cars over the festive season can be effectively managed by digital tools, according to digital marketing specialist Marketing Delivery after evaluating consumer activity at the end of 2022.

Email Encryption Market worth $16.3 billion by 2028, Growing At a CAGR of 21.3% Report by MarketsandMarkets™

A myriad of factors drive the email encryption market. A notable upswing in email data breaches has raised concerns, necessitating secure email solutions. Concurrently, there’s been a marked increase in BEC frauds and spear-phishing incidents, further underscoring robust email protection’s importance. On the regulatory front, governments worldwide are tightening their regulations, emphasizing data privacy compliance, and pushing organizations to adopt secure communication channels. Furthermore, continuous advancements in encryption technology make it more accessible and effective, bolstering its adoption across different sectors.

Future-proof your SERP presence: 6 areas to focus on

Equip your SEO strategy for the age of AI-powered search with must-have content formats, optimization areas and performance KPIs.

Ignite Visibility Acquires Leading Franchise-Focused Agency Integrated Digital Strategies to Expand National-to-Local Expertise

Ignite Visibility announced today that it acquired Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS), a prominent digital marketing agency specializing in serving the franchisor/franchisee ecosystem. The acquisition aligns seamlessly with Ignite Visibility’s mission to become the preeminent “national-to-local” digital performance marketing agency focused on driving measurable return on investment for clients in which local discoverability is critical, including verticals such as home services, healthcare, automotive, business-to-business services, consumer services, and more.

Top tips for building a successful brand strategy in 2024 and beyond

Mapping your brand goal to behaviors and emotions is key to building a successful strategy.

The case for mobile marketing - too much or never enough?: DigiPlus Fest ‘23

Mobile Marketing

ContactMonkey lands $55M investment to grow its email software for internal comms

Email is quite profitable, as it turns out. Or rather, email communications software is.

The power of customer data across the journey: Acquisition

Leverage data responsibly during the acquisition stage to understand your audience, refine messaging and build trust.


Businesses thrive on data-driven strategies, where understanding and utilizing digital marketing metrics is key to success. These metrics not only offer insights into the effectiveness of various digital marketing campaigns but also guide businesses in optimizing their strategies for better engagement and higher returns. Let’s take a look at some of the metrics that marketers track to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

Humans Of Digital Marketing (HODM) Aims To Empower 50,000 Undergraduates With AI/ML, Electric Vehicle, And Digital Marketing Skills By 2024

HODM, a leading digital education provider headquartered in Gurgaon, has unveiled its ambitious plan to equip 50,000 undergraduates with essential skills in AI/ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing by 2024. This groundbreaking initiative underscores HODM’s commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry, preparing the next generation of leaders for a rapidly technological landscape.

Ai Transparency: unpacking The New Data Povenance Standards

From dataset origins to AI applications: How the new Data Provenance Standards are setting a benchmark for responsible AI deployment.

Developing advanced attribution models for the entire customer journey - online to offline

Intent-based marketing uses an individual's online data to build targeted messages and encourage consumers who are most likely to buy, but most brands are only just scratching the surface of this marketing.

AI has caused a ‘rapid evolution’ in digital marketing

Colin Hetherington discusses the changing world of digital advertising, his company’s expansion to the US and the changes AI will bring to the sector.

How to create cross-functional SEO and PR teams for enterprises

Break down the silos between SEO and PR teams. Use this guide to set shared goals, create a unified strategy, test ideas and scale successes.

Google Analytics 4 rolls out new reports for linked 360 campaigns

GA4 now has reports for Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, for easier data analysis.

Top 10 tools for PPC agencies

Boost your agency's performance with these 10 tools for streamlining workflows, automating tasks and driving PPC campaign success.

Google Merchant Center: Using product data to boost your retail efforts

Track top products, adjust pricing strategies and enhance your retail ROI using insights from Google Merchant Center.

Adfuel Inc. Launches Revolutionary Digital Marketing Platform for Real Estate Industry

Adfuel Inc. launches a comprehensive digital marketing platform for real estate, enhancing campaign personalization and optimization with advanced AI technology.

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Updates for Newsletters, Including Improved Creation and Customization Tools

LinkedIn Newsletters have seen a significant rise this year, with newsletter readership tripling year-over-year, and now exceeding more than 500 million total subscriptions in the app.

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